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Liah Alonso, aka The Gypsy Cowgirl, is a native Californian singer-songwriter and social activist, living out of a guitar case with part-time residences in NYC, Nashville and Mexico. Liah's dynamic musical style is eclectic and her shows focus around a theme that weaves songs and stories together to engage the audience in an emotional journey. Her sound can be described as one part FOLK (for it's content and social relevance), POP (catchy, anthemic songs) and WORLD for diversity in instrumentation 

and world rhythms . Driven by social causes such as Women's and Immigrant rights and advocacy, Liah sees herself as a musical anthropologist putting melodies to truth's that need to be brought to life.


The Gypsy Cowgirl got her start in music busking in the NYC subway as a founding member of politically-fueled, firebrand acoustic rock duo Left On Red, whom Lucid Culture described as "A vivid reminder how much of an audience there is for accessible pop music that’s not stupid." The dynamic singer/guitarist writes wickedly catchy, anthemic, lyrically potent songs with a wry sense of humor, capturing the ups and downs of life on the fringes. Liah has shared stages with esteemed artist's Tom Morello (RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE), Wayne Kramer (MC5),  Jackson Browne and continues to tour solo and with a variety of pick-up bands around the world. 


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