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Liah Alonso, Mexican/American musical amazon, wields her guitar wherever she goes and lights up the room with her smile. Her memorable lyrics and catchy melodies evoke a quirky loveliness you can’t help but adore. Although she has been known to write a fierce, tear-jerking break-up song now and again, she much prefers to portray the irony of our society and the strange times we are living in with humor and soul. Her latest release LUCHADORAS (March 8th 2023) is an impassioned Spanish/English anthem for women's rights!  

Liah tours and records internationally and releases music in multiple languages. Starting her music career as a subway busker in New York City, Liah has gone on to share stages with Tom Morello, Jackson Browne, La Gusana Ciega and others. Most recently, Liah performed on Delbert McClinton's Sandy Beaches Cruise, The Pepsi Center Stadium in Mexico City, City Winery in New York and House Of Blues in New Orleans.

Every time you see Liah Alonso play you’ll feel the rush of live music again. Her energy, vulnerability and joy on stage are contagious. She is a multi-dimensional artist whose songs and stories reach in and touch your soul. 


APRIL 13th:

The Feminist Revolutionary Anthem You Didn’t Know You Needed Drops TODAY:

Matches, Sticks & Gasoline by Liah Alonso


In case you haven’t noticed, the planet seems to be in disarray, or more accurately, in straight up chaos. NYC based musician Liah Alonso who goes by the nickname, “Gypsy Cowgirl” decided maybe all this mayhem needed a country-tinged music track and video coined, “Matches, Sticks & Gasoline”. In the video for the war protest song, written by Liah and collaborator, noted punk folk musician Matt Pless, Alonso is featured in a superhero-esque costume strumming a guitar while her pal Sonia de Luna dances around beside her dressed as the Statue of Liberty. The fast-paced video imagines a fantasy where together, Liah and and Lady Liberty and their motley crue of revolutionaries will “watch the world burn down”. Um, how often do we get to see two women fronting the revolution? The song and video were inspired after, once upon a time, Alonso was arrested while performing at a protest. She spent the following year singing at marches and shooting video with the intent of creating a song--and finally, thankfully, it is here.


The video for Matches, Sticks & Gasoline is dropping TODAY, 

Monday, April 13th, 2020.
Catch it here, 10 AM EST:


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