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There are many ways to describe folk and pop singer Liah Alonso: world traveler, lover of cultures, advocate for equality, yoga aficionado. Whether she is performing with her hand-painted Taylor guitar for commuters on New York City’s subway platforms or collaborating with songwriters in Berlin, Naples, or Rome, Liah’s message is one of real-world issues, empowerment and the struggle to find balance in life. 


A fifteen-year veteran of the indie music scene, Liah has opened for legendary artists such as Tom Morello and Jackson Browne (at the Newport Folk Festival) and graced stages at venues like House of Blues in New Orleans and the Lacalaca Music Festival in Mexico. She has even performed at City Winery in New York City and during the Wanderlust Festival, which spotlights music, yoga, food and nature.  She has also performed internationally in Havana, Rio, Sydney and the Serengeti.


Her upcoming music project, “Light to the Universe,” has a conceptual twist, inspired by the peace Liah has discovered through many years of practicing yoga blended with her rock and roll touring lifestyle. For the album, Liah has collaborated with Chicago producer DJ Taz Rashid, who has performed at the Serendipity Festival and Denver Chant Fest. While a release date for “Light to the Universe” has not yet been set, Liah’s previous five albums are available for streaming and digital purchase through popular platforms like Spotify, iTunes and Amazon as well as on her official website.


A first-generation American with a prominent Mexican and Spanish heritage, Liah is an advocate of immigrant rights and women’s reproductive rights, having performed during the 2017 Women’s March in Washington D.C. She is also an outspoken critic of companies accused of poisoning our food, water and the planet.




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