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Liah Alonso, Mexican/American musical amazon, wields her guitar wherever she goes and lights up the room with her smile. Her memorable lyrics and catchy melodies evoke a quirky loveliness you can’t help but adore. Although she has been known to write a fierce, tear-jerking break-up song now and again, she much prefers to portray the irony of our society and the strange times we are living in with humor and soul. Her latest release LUCHADORAS (March 8th 2023) is an impassioned Spanish/English anthem for women's rights!  

Liah tours and records internationally and releases music in multiple languages. Starting her music career as a subway busker in New York City, Liah has gone on to share stages with Tom Morello, Jackson Browne, La Gusana Ciega and others. Most recently, Liah performed on Delbert McClinton's Sandy Beaches Cruise, The Pepsi Center Stadium in Mexico City, City Winery in New York and House Of Blues in New Orleans.

Every time you see Liah Alonso play you’ll feel the rush of live music again. Her energy, vulnerability and joy on stage are contagious. She is a multi-dimensional artist whose songs and stories reach in and touch your soul. 



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"Under her fingers, the accompaniment ebbs and rolls in all the right places. Vocal lines get dressed up with riffs and variations so well-placed and tasteful that even the most hardened folk-should-sound-ugly kind of purists can like it. The words come off just as sad, dejected and hopeful as they’re meant to." – Sean McGowan, Busk

Liah uses her weekly live stream platform to raise money to feed her neighbors in need in Mexico. Half of her proceeds go to feeding the people and animals hit hardest by the covid pandemic.  – Paul Carlino, Grateful Web

New York Times "Work Is My Self-Care" March, 2017: Feature photograph 

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